1.25 Carat Round Cut Solitaire Ring in White Gold (Rhodium) over Sterling Silver – Classic Engagement Ring – Promise Ring – Wedding Ring

Rs. 59.00

Glistening in the soft embrace of dawn, the Solitaire Ring is a classic sonnet, the wink of a playful star that captures the heart’s eternal promise. A best-seller in its own right, its sleek symmetry whispers sweet sonnets to the eyes, and its soft silhouette serenades the heart.

Encased within the loving arms of six prongs, a zirconia stone twinkles with the allure of a divine secret — a testament to the everlasting bond that unites two souls. Each silver tendril, handcrafted with the expertise of a seasoned silversmith, cradles the center stone as tenderly as a mother would hold her newborn.

The band, a graceful dancer upon the stage of sterling silver, pirouettes around the finger with its gentle taper, casting a spell of timeless beauty upon all who gaze upon it.

An emblem of promises whispered beneath the silvery moon, the Solitaire Ring’s unyielding radiance serves as a reminder that in a world of fleeting moments, true love is forever, and the heart’s tender vows shall never wane.

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